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What are golf scores called?

What are golf scores called?

By syrus

A good (scratch, or zero handicap) golfer should need a predefined number of strokes to complete a hole, a round (the total of the pars of the played holes), or a competition (the sum of the pars of each round). A golfer’s number of strokes are compared to the par score to determine if they were “over par,” “under par,” or “even with/equal to par” for scoring purposes.

Calculation of par

The distance from the starting point to the putting green on each hole determines the par in large part. Par values range from three to five, with a regulation number of strokes needed to get to the green depending on the typical distance a skilled golfer hits the ball, plus two putts. Altitude, terrain, and obstacles that cause a hole to play longer or shorter than its measured distance are occasionally taken into consideration when determining a hole’s par. Examples of these include routes that are significantly uphill or downhill or that require players to finish short of a body of water before hitting over it.

Men’s par-3 holes typically measure less than 260 yards (240 m) from the tee to the green, whereas par-4 holes measure between 240 and 450 yards (220 and 450 m), par-5 holes measure between 450 and 710 yards (410 and 650 m), and par-6 courses are more than 670 yards (610 m). From the tee to the green, par-3 holes for women will be under 220 yards (200 m), par-4 holes will be between 200 and 420 yards (180 and 380 m), par-5 holes will be between 370 and 600 yards (340 and 550 m), and par-6 holes will be beyond 570 yards (520 m) These restrictions are sometimes raised for elite tournament players, who frequently play par-4 holes that are 500 yards (460 metres) or longer; this is frequently the result of a typical par-5 course being classed as a par-4.

Course and competition results

The score of a golfer is compared to the par score.

 The stated score is +3, or “three-over-par,” and it takes three shots more than par to complete the course if a golfer needs 75 strokes to complete a course with a par of 72. A golfer’s stated score is 2, or “two-under-par,” if they use 70 strokes.

Scores for the tournament are calculated by adding together each round’s scores relative to par (there are usually four rounds in professional tournaments). The tournament par would be 288 if each of the four rounds had a par of 72.