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What is a bad golf shot called?

What is a bad golf shot called?

By syrus

A hole-in-one is an ace.

Address refers to a golfer’s final position before the swing.

Gross score that has been adjusted for your handicap stroke allotment.

Alternative Shot: A different Stoke play variation. In this arrangement, the first player drives, the second player takes the next shot, and so on until the hole is finished. The scoring is done in the same way as stroke play is done.

Aeration is the process of improving air circulation in the soil that supports a golf course’s turf. The wellbeing of the soil’s microbial population depends on this. Because these microorganisms transform fertilizer nitrogen into a form that grass can utilize, grass depends on them

Approach: The “approach shot” is typically a short or medium shot played to the putting green or pin.

Attend the flag is to hold the flag while another player is putting, and then to remove it. a customary politeness practiced during a round of golf.

Attest – If you participate in a tournament, you must turn in your scorecard after each round. As proof that you support the correctness of the figures you wrote on the scorecard, you will sign it. However, a second person needs to sign your scorecard as well. And that person will attest to the veracity of your score card as one of the golfers who played beside you. To “attest” is to declare something.

Down – Amount of strokes or holes you have conceded to your rival (s).

When addressing the ball and your right foot is higher than your left, you are in a downhill lie (for right-handed players).

Golfers are paired up in a draw for a match play competition.

Draw Shot: A controlled “hook” shot that is used to escape danger or position oneself for the following shot. a shot that veers to the right from the left. For a left-handed player, the opposite would be true: from right to left.

Drive refers to striking the ball as hard and as fully as possible. typically using a driver off the tee.

Drop – To place the ball on the course after it has been deemed unplayable or lost, and then to return the ball to play.